Wing Chun is a style of Kung fu, our system is very simplistic and easy to learn as its methods are quick and direct. Unlike other Kung Fu styles that involve high flying kicks and flamboyant moves Wing Chun keeps your feet firmly on the ground. Would you be surprised to learn that the system was created by a Woman, in fact a Chinese Shaolin Nun for a Woman who was a Beancurd seller. Its also suitable for all ages; in fact some of the current Masters are their 80’ and 90’s.

In the clip below you can see myself on the left doing chi sau / gor sau with one of my senior instructors. and yes i do have one hand however as previously stated Wing Chun can work for everyone.

Bruce Lee learned Wing Chun in Hong Kong under the watchful eye of Ip Man himself. This was to become the foundation of his own system known as Jeet Kune Do. I know some focus on lineage and the root of the art, so for those who find that interesting, our Wing Chun comes direct from the Ip family though Master Samuel Kwok.

We are Teesside Wing Chun Association and can be located in Thornaby Academy on Thursday nights, If you are not local we also offer home study courses that have seen successful results and progress in the system in those who are self motivated..

We also have various schools around the world you can find he locations and the authorised instructors here

The Wing Chun system incorporates 3 empty hand forms, a dummy form and two weapon forms. These are called.

  • Siu-Lim-Tau (little idea) – 小念頭
  • Chum-Kiu (bridge seeking) – 尋橋
  • Biu-Jee (darting fingers) – 鏢指
  • Muk-Yan-Chong (Wooden Man) – 木人樁
  • Lik-Dim-Boon-Gwan (six and a half point pole) – 六點半棍
  • Baat-Cham-Dao (butterfly knives) – 八斬刀

Wing Chun also has a curriculum called Chi-sau this is designed to help you apply the techniques and theories learned in the empty hand forms to real fighting, the focus is on concepts rather than techniques so that any given time you are never stuck for a response because Wing Chun has no limitations.

Wing Chun :-

      • Can be used effectively from the very first day you start training, you do not need to build up a great skill level and become a master fighter to win the fight.
      • Does not meet force with force, instead it strives to redirect that oncoming force thus allowing us to overcome the attacker using the easier path.
      • Work as when the fight is on, you don’t know what fighting skill your attacker has, so it works well in this type of situation as you don’t train for the scenario you take what comes and go on the attack.