Personal Training

Personal Training

Timeline Training

1971 – Aikido student under Father

1982 – Jitsiu Kai Karate under Bernard Creten Sensei

1983 – Judo

2004 – Research and study of Wing Chun prompted by Master Wong’s DVD’s

2005 – Tried to learn Wing Chun without a sifu… big fail!

2006 – Attended Aikido Gashuku in Malaysia for 7 days intensive training with Thamby Rajah Sensei/Joe Thambu Sensei

2006 – Started learning using Distance Learning via Sifu Darrell Jordon.

2007 – Found Sifu Phil Bradley and he became my sifu and i studied and tested in person and also using his online course.

2008 – Started learning from Sifu Sam Chan along side Phil Bradley’s course.

2009 – Invited by Samuel Kwok to become his student.

2009 – Made Instructor and given Bai Si name of Kwok Chung Yin (Kind to people).

2010 – Left Phil Bradleys online course.

2011 – Became Member of Ving Tsun Athletic Association – Hong Kong

2012 – Became Instructor World Ving Tsun Athletic Association (Not Hong Kong)

2013 – Completed Sifu Sam Chan’s online course to the level of Baat Cham Dao.

2014 – Continuing to expand my knowledge of Wing Chun beyond the foundation of the system.

2015 – Recognised as Master by the World Wide Martial Arts Council and Action Martial Arts Magazine.—-

2016 – Attended Intensive Ninjutsu Course focusing on Kenjitsu, attained white and yellow sash – Jim Haynes

2017 – Attended Intensive Ninjutsu Course focusing on Weapons, attained orange sash – Jim Haynes

At Present – Still training and teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu, offering online and face to face training