Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Regardless of being in possession of one of my instructor certificates, if the instructor is not listed here, they are NOT AUTHORISED to teach using my organisations name.
If you are unable to find someone who was listed here in the past and are not here now its because they mutually moved on from the organisation or they have breached the organisations code of conduct.
Mark BeardsellStockton on Tees, UKLevel 6 Instructor

(Master Level 2)
Chief Instructor and Founder

SKWCMAA Certified

WVTAA Certified

Red Sash - Baat Cham Dao
Grading Committee
Kristian GordanPatrick Springs, VA, USALevel 5 Instructor

(Master Level 1)

In-Door Student

Grading Committee
Lee Kwang HongSabah, Kota Kinabalu, MalaysiaLevel 4 Instructor
In-Door Student
Barry JenkinsVirginia Beach, VA,
Level 4 Instructor
In-Door Student
Boguslaw DolnyKnottingley, West Yorkshire, UK / PolandLevel 4 Instructor
Dave TylerStockton on Tees, UKLevel 2 instructor
Grading Committee
Kieran O'ConnorHamilton Area, Scotland, UKLevel 2 instructor
Grading Committee
Rod HillegassCumberland, MD, USALevel 2 Instructor
In-Door Student
Mark CohenVineland, NJ, USALevel 2 Instructor
Andrew MorganStockton on Tees, UKLevel 1 Instructor
Grading Committee
Trevor LloydMilford, Derbyshire, UKLevel 1 Instructor
Graham ShanksterLowestoft, Suffolk, UKLevel 1 Instructor
Simon MoorbyMorecambe, Lancs, UKLevel 1 instructor
Jim HaynesKnoxville, TN ,USALevel 1 instructor
In-Door Student
Matthew Joseph CastilloMandaue, Cebu,
Level 1 instructor
Thorsten SandteGoslar, GermanyLevel 1 instructor
Daniel RiveraBronx, NY, USALevel 1 instructor