Traditionally Wing Chun does not have a grading system so, to give students a guide and a level to strive for the following grading system was devised, you can wear black kung fu pants/jogging pants with organisation t-shirt.

The Grading System

Siu Lim Tau Level 1 White Sash
Level 2 Red Sash
Level 3 Yellow Sash


Chum Kiu Level 1 Orange Sash
Level 2 Green Sash
Level 3 Blue Sash


Biu Jee Level 1 Purple Sash
Level 2 Brown Sash
Level 3 —–BlackRedSash—-


Muk Jan Jong Black Sash 1
Lok Dom Bun Kwan Black Sash 2
Baat Cham Dao Black Sash 3

Grades from white to purple can be achieved in 3 months per grade if the student trains hard, beyond that a higher level of training is needed so beyond purple a minimum of 6 months is required to reach brown and beyond.

You should also remember that although you may have finished the formal part of the system this is only the beginning of longer, life long journey, a man who has said he has learned it all is truly cheating himself.