Hello, thanks for stopping by, you are welcome to drop me a line and enquire about lessons or chat about anything relating to Wing Chun, please do not abuse this option as your IP address is logged and i monitor it regularly, I have to do this from prior experience with abusive emails, I also had to take away the contact form because of this, so if you are a sales person and you have a product to sell don’t bother emailing me, i know what I want to I’ll call you when i want to buy.

Private lessons are only available to people who have attended the open class on a Thursday night first, no exceptions

If your enquiry is relating to Lessons, to save me asking a lot of questions, tell me a little about your self and your background.

A good format is:- Your Name
Where are you based
Your Age
Do you know any Wing Chun
If yes what did you do and who with
Have you done any other martial arts
“Why do you want to learn Wing Chun”