All new starters wishing to join our club must first go through a one month induction.

The induction will consist of 4 x 1 hour sessions and will be held at my house on a Wednesday evening from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

The induction will cost £60 for the 4 weeks and is non-refundable

The purpose of the induction is for you the student to find out if you like wing chun and want to continue to learn under me, as it is a two way street, it also allows me as the instructor to assess whether you have what it takes to go the distance.

In the four week period you will learn the basics of wing chun so that when you join the main class held on a Thursday night between 7pm and 8.30pm you will feel more comfortable with what is being taught. At this point you will pay a smaller fee of £10 per session each week.

You are free to leave at anytime, but as mentioned you are signing up for one month and this is not refundable. The reason for this is that I need to see that you are prepared to make commitments and to show you are serious about learning wing chun.

My goal for you is to have fun and learn in an environment where you will feel comfortable, the main class is not all together daunting and everyone is friendly and helpful. But you will struggle with an overload of information that at your early stage will be too much to take in, hence the reason for the induction. contact: